Select a sewing machine

Toyota sewing machine

Toyota Super Jeans 34 sewing machine.

This is the one I have chosen to begin my sewing journey. Because I was not an expert I selected a simple and  resistant machine.

What do I mean when I write “simple” ?

First, stitches are adjusted  almost by itself. There are 2 wheels: one to choose the type of the stitch (and they are a lot of type!) and another to adjust the length of the stitch (max 4mm). It suits me but it may also annoy some people who want to sew complex projects. In this case, you must choose a sewing machine which let you adjust completely the length of the stitch. On the same way, on some machines you can adjust the width of the stitch (it is not possible on the Toyota Super Jean 34). I think it’s better  to select a machine with this feature.

In my opinion, it is to learn on a simple and resistant sewing machine which cost around 200€ than on an more expansive and more complex one which could discourage you.

Furthermore, I have chosen the Toyota Super Jeans 34 because it has a special leather and imitation leather presser foot and I love these material. This machine is robust and it can sew very thick fabric.

Otherwise, Singer is a very experienced sewing machine maker 🙂

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