To wind the thread onto the bobbin


But what is a bobbin ? 

A bobbins is  used to sew under the fabric. Indeed when you sew with a sewing machine, you have nice stitches on top and also on the bottom.

In order to have a discreet seam, you can use the same color for both threads (needle and bobbin) and fabric.


How to do ?

I will try to teach you through words but it’s clearer in video ! You can see my YouTube tutorial by clicking here:  Go to YouTube

  1. First you must put your reel of thread on the reel holder
  2. Put the thread on the thread guide
  3. Put the thread in the hole of the bobbin from inside to outside
  4. Place the bobbin on the bobbin holder and clip it to the right
  5. Hold the thread to the top
  6. Switch the machine on and press on the pedal to do nearly 10 rotations holding the thread to the top with your hand
  7. Cut the thread which exceed from the bobbin (this one that you hold from step 5)
  8. Press again on the pedal to fill the bobbin (it slow down when it is full)
  9. Unclip the bobbin holder to the left
  10. Cut the thread

And now you are ready to sew !

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